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Thunder and lightning over here; if Team Venture stops posting, that's why. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that, of course - but I've located the Great Big Candle just in case.

The Great Big Candle is like a BFG. It's ginormous. It was given to me in 1998, and it's barely burned perceptibly. The GBC gives enough light to find all other candles.

I actually rather like it when all of the lights are out. Not tonight, of course. Tonight? This morning.

hypnagogie: "Is Blogathon one of those things like getting a tattoo where you do it again because you forgot how much it hurt the first time?"

Not really. I don't forget it. It's just that the money raised for charity makes it worth it.

$150 more to get Slipjig to record "88 Lines"!

You can sponsor me, too.
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