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Team Venture

Check out the stalwart blogathonners of Team Venture, and some cool bloganthonners not here tonight!

The Vets
shadesong: Yours truly. Blogging for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center; writing short fiction based on pieces donated by some phenomenal artists. Sixth year. Percussion.
slipjig: Blogging for the American Cancer Society. Writing lists. Nothin' but lists. :) Third year. Guitar.
rafaela: Blogging for Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson. Third year. Hammered dulcimer.
wired_lizard: Blogging for Planned Parenthood. Writing a genderflipped alternate universe based on 1970s Marvel Comics. Second year. Vocals.
mllelaurel: Blogging for the Joslin Diabetes Center. Writing fanfic drabbles and BPAL reviews, and doing live reporting from our base of operations. Second year. Lyrics.
jennifer: Blogging for St. Jude Childrens' Research Hospital. 48 fanfic drabbles. Second year. Bass.

The Freshmen
eustaciavye: Blogging for bears: Vital Ground. No schtick, but some cute bear pics! First year. Will schtup a drummer.
nevacaruso: Blogging for Amnesty International. Whole lotta fanfic. First year. Tambourine.
hypnagogie: Blogging for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Writing 48 flashes of autobiography, triggered by your prompts. First year. Triangle.
ewin: Blogging for American Heart Association. Writing essays, scenes, stories based on your prompts. First year. Vocals.

Check out more Blogathonners on blogathon_2008 and Day of Blogs, including wytchchyld, sylverice2, and thesilentpoet!

Please do sponsor who you can!

Team Venture's new band name is Medusa Crotch.

Avivasedai will play flute.

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