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Stuff I must write about post-sleep...

...that you should check out and bid on in the meantime...

Firebird's Child necklace by azhure
Roma necklace by parrish_relics
Labradorite necklace by sihaya09
Flower-and-pearl necklace and butterfly necklace by thisdaydreamer
Sparkle & Shine necklace by never1eighty
Viking pewter ring cross pendant by regalpewter
Chimera Fancies pendant donated by phenom_woman
Jayne hat by eustaciavye
Handmade indigo-dyed silk lace scarf by freyapax
Lord of Locusts print by aaronace
Birds painting by charitypomaybo
Rice bowl by pharminatrix
Maille by ianhess
Paper bowl by dalbino83
Box of secrets by themaskmaker

See why I am going all crosseyed?

It will get done. Just not at this level of sleep-dep. :( In the meantime, go check those out! Bid! For BARCC!
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