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Survey of Sol 3: Glass

I step into a world of glass...

Every available window is hung with glass, colored or prismatic, abstract are in shapes of nature or artifice. Light fractures all over the tower, light splitting light, rainbows all over the walls. The glassmaker can make you anything here. She specializes in window hangings, but you may have a kaleidoscope or a prism, if you are very good. Do sit on the window seat here while we do a little business. Just a few lenses. It won't take long at all. Just lie back, dear, and watch the prism just over your head. See how the light moves? Just watch there, and this will all be over soon...

Abstract snowflake, purple butterfly, and balloons stained glass by SageAutumn. Shiny!

The exhaustion has set in fully. With it, the loopiness. Slipjig's last list will be awful.

Blogathon 2008. 24 hours of spontaneous fiction for BARCC.
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