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Survey of Sol 3: Scrolls and swirls

The box is small, but the embellishment is so rich and detailed... the artist had an eye for perfection.

Keryn kept her chips in the box. A gift from her grandmother, its black-on-cinnabar swirls mirrored the design on her everyday chips, the ones she wore to school. They fit perfectly behind her ear, in her new socket, and clicked out for the dozens of hair-thin cables her lessons were delivered through.

Her hair was shaved on the left side, of course, so it wouldn't get in the way. And of course her chips and socket cover had to be decorative. Plain shimmersteel wouldn't just be boring, it would be outright embarrassing. Grandma got it, even if Dad didn't. Grandma knew that chip fashion was what she wanted, and she gave it to her, every birthday and Founder's Day.

Keryn's favorite part of the morning was opening the box and choosing what socket cover she'd wear that day - jeweled or not, silver, copper, what kind of decoration. School? No oh no. This was about the decisions she got to make for herself.

Lavishly-embellished steampunk/Victorian tin box
by MizArchivist of Cosmo's Curiosities. embellished Altoids tin measures 3.75" x 2.5" x 1" (standard Altoids
size) and is covered in Sculpey, which is soft until it is baked in 250
F for half an hour. It's glazed with a polymer medium and signed on the
back (hinging) side by the artist. It is safe to store food in, as it
once held mints. Obviously, don't eat the clay off the tin. That's not
good eats.

The design has its roots in a silver Balinese filigree and
Steampunk/Victorian- favoring the latter, particularly given the color

This is *perfect* for your favorite BPAL imps!

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Dear artists: I am not going to have enough time to write about everything during the thon. :( Was scrambling til the last week, then stuff I hadn't anticipated started flooding in! So I will write the remaining ones after my nap. Because 24 straight hours is totally my limit.
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