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Survey of Sol 3: Heart

I lift the next artifact, turning it back and forth in the fading light, rubbing my thumb over the raised knotwork. A heart. Not an anatomically accurate one like the first artifact, but the stylized heart shape humans use to symbolize love.

I fold it into my palm and let myself read.

I had it worked into my body armor. Retro stuff was all the hot, the retro-er the better. I let my friends believe that that was the only reason.

Real reason? It was my mother's. And her mother before her, and so on, five or six generations back, I forget. All the way back up the line to wear some little old man gave it to some little old lady, and it was special enough for her to pass it down.

Was it flash? Oh yes. But it was flash that meant something. It was something *really* old and *really* beautiful. And I don't know anything at all about my something-great-grandmother, but I knew that she loved this, and that in a way it formed a chain from me all the way back to her.

Antiqued bronze Celtic knotwork heart pendant (on left in picture) by Cissa of Electric Celt.

The original design was
hand-carved in wax and cast in silver. Each medallion is cast in bronze
using the lost wax process. On the antiqued pieces the detail is
accented with patination that darkens the metal, then the surfaces are
hand-polished to a soft, brushed shine. The bright pieces are very
shiny, and of a color similar to 14-carat gold. A brass split ring is
included to receive a chain or cord. The medallion is 1.25 inch (32 mm)
wide and 1.125 inches (28.6 mm) high.

Each Knotwork Heart comes in a small box and includes a waxed linen cord and a small flyer about the design.

Feeling a little better after talking to the others; a bunch of us are feeling cranky and overloaded with ouch right now. I have my heated shoulder moose on my shoulders right now.

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