Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Survey of Sol 3: Halloween

I pick up the bundle of orange and black and instantly break into a smile.

Annelise smiled indulgently as she placed the squirming baby on the afghan. "I told you it'd be fine."

Ellie shrugged, hugging herself. "I know. But - I worry."

"Perfectly healthy," Lise cooed as she bundled the baby. "Ten fingers, ten toes - and peace talks all through Asia."

"Do you think it'll last?"

Lise hefted the baby into a cuddle. "It never does, El. But it'll hopefully last long enough."

Baby afghan by Carrollee Hevener - very festive for a Halloweeny family! Around 33X30. Orange and black
acrylic (Caron Simply Soft, so it's very soft, not scratchy like some

I am a little past the halfway point, and am having a difficult time. Since we don't have the usual sponsorship system, I have no idea if I'm getting any sponsorships - if I haven't responded to your e-mail and you're not Shazza or Matt, I don't know that you posted; Network for Good does not tell me. Some of the items aren't getting bid up to what they should. And I know that people will swoop in and bid at the last minute, and I know that some people are likely waiting to see if they win auctions before sponsoring. And I know that the amount I'm pulling in (over $1K on the auctions, probably about $600 on straight sponsorships) is *nothing* to sneeze at. It's just that I have been doing a hell of a lot more work this year than last year, and I'm only about halfway to last year's total. (Yes, I know that we're only halfway through. Still.) And there's the rash of people jumping ship because of the post volume. (It's a once-a-year thing, okay?) And... I put in a lot for this cause. Constantly.

So yeah. A little burned out, and wishing I didn't have a Theme. Sometimes I work very well within specific guidelines like this - Wind Tunnel Dreams being a prime example. For Blogathon, though, I think I'd really rather just talk about the stuff going on between us here at Team Venture.


Sponsoring me would make my day. I'm going to go stretch and try to work this out. My back, shoulders, and arms hurt from all the typing, too, and that's not helping.

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