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Survey of Sol 3: Omega

I shake my head to clear it - how perplexing! And I swear this next artifact wasn't there before. It's rather too large to miss...

The object resists a reading. It is a wooden boomerang in the shape of the Greek letter Omega.

The end.

And it seems to detail the end. I trace my fingers along the carvings - radiation and biohazard symbols. Simplified buildings. Flags and symbols of major pre-collapse countries and city-states - Russia, Turkey, Philadelphia -

I close my eyes and push my way through, and I am there, with the creator of this artifact, in his workshop. His hands shake as he digs symbols into the plywood - histories and warnings.

When he coughs, blood flecks his mask.

In his line of sight, there are three fresh graves.

Trailing off at the end are peace signs. And skulls.

Kaboomerang by Steven Peffley, aka the Scholar.

This one... there are too many carvings. Too many notes. It is elaborate and crowded with meaning, and I cannot possibly get it all down in 15 minutes. This is an amazing work - not just of art, but of *research*. If you win this? Frame the notes and hang 'em on either side of it. Two pages of 11x17 paper covered with notes. I'm thoroughly impressed.

Do click through and check out the other pics. They don't do it justice. But do anyway.

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