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Survey of Sol 3: Baseball

I pick up a package that contains a pennant, a shirt, and various other things. Examining it, I fall in...

Play-by-play announcer Gary Burmeister: And Jackie Thompson steps to the plate. He's mired in a slump, Dan.

Color Commentator Dan Stein: Indeed he is, Gary. He's two for his last thirty-six, and hasn't had an extra-base hit in a month.

Burmeister: And the pitch from Fernandez is a called strike on the outside corner.

Stein: When Thompson's in his groove, he'd never let that pitch go by him.

Burmeister: And the next pitch is a slider, and Thomson hits a weak grounder to second. Carter scoops it up and throws to first, and that's the second out of the inning.

Stein: And that's - Gary what the hell is that?

Burmeister: Looks like a - tentacle of some sort, coming up at first, and *ho*ly shit, it's sucked up the first baseman!

Stein: What the fuck is a tentacle doing out there?

Burmeister: More important, what the hell is that thing *attached* to the tentacle?

Stein: Oh dear God...

Burmeister: I think God just left the fucking building, Dan.

Stein: Is that thing... oh my... ia ia cthulhu f'thagn....

Miskatonic Valley Junior Baseball Association fan pack, donated by Puddin' of the Black Phoenix Trading Post! "Each pack comes with a raglan baseball tee (printed with the team and sponsor's logos), a 12" x 5" team pennant (genuine felt!), and a bottle of Miskatonic Valley Junior Baseball Association's Spring Training 2008 scent! This season's scent is brought to you courtesy of Mother Shub's Peanut Brittle Caramel Popcorn - hand-crafted at home by her one-thousand young'uns!"

Winner will choose a team (Innsmouth Guppies or Dunwich Whipporwills) and shirt size - just e-mail me, and I'll send your info to Puddin'.

Baseball-specific portion of this post mostly guest-written by Adam. Thanks, Adam! *kisses husband*

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