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Survey of Sol 3: Scent

I wish I could get more from these booties. I wish I knew if their child was all right. I must have faith - that felt quite some time before the third nuclear war. The child could have lived a long and healthy life. I must believe that it did.

I pick up a small tin. My fingers graze the protrusions on its cover, and I twist the lid off. What lies within is a great deal of brown powder - and a scent that surprises a smile out of me, redolent of spice and incense.

The woman anoints her palms with the zukoh, the body incense; she moves on to her temples, and breathes deeply. She is surrounded by scent - clove, cinnamon, some mysterious essence. It grounds her. It calms her.

She gracefully sweeps forth her right arm, describing a semicircle on the ground before her. Scent rises in her trail, as does magic - a shimmering wall rising before her. She completes the circle and raises her cupped palms.

What she does within is a secret, guarded by the circle. But when she steps forth, hours later, she trails magic and spicy scent behind her in small elaborate whorls for hours, and her smile lasts all day.


Tin of zukoh (body incense) by beetiger of Mother's Hearth Incense. The tin is made in India, but the scented powder is Vicki's own recipe. It is meant to be rubbed between the palms or into pulse points as a purification and a personal scent. This is deliciously spicy! Seriously, I opened the tin and all of Team Venture went "Oooooh." If you love scent, you must try this. BPALerinas, I'm looking at you.

Shane is here with dinner. Sadly, he is not wearing his French maid outfit. We'll deal.

Blogathon 2008. 24 hours of spontaneous fiction for BARCC.
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