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Survey of Sol 3: Booties

I set the tiny bottles on their hooks and strings down very, very gently. Once certain that they're secure, I pick up a tiny pair of socks...

Annelise gave a short, gruff laugh. "Please. They've been forecasting the end of the world for ages now. Our whole lives, almost."

"The warnings are getting more frequent, though," Ellie replied quietly, hand cradling her belly. She was barely showing - only she and Annelise could tell, or if anyone else could, they hadn't mentioned it. "And more specific. The threats -"


"It's like San Francisco all over again."

Annelise shook her head, hands working almost absently at the little brown bootie. A band twisted up and around the side, and she traced it with her finger. "Ellie, that'll never happen again. Remember the outcry? And they got that terrorist cell."

"The nature of *cells* is that there's always *another* one." Ellie sat heavily. "Lise? I'm scared."

"They're not going to nuke us, honey."

"Are we doing the right thing?" Ellie stroked the gentle swell of her belly again, naked fear in every gesture. "This. Having a baby now..."

"They've been saying the same things our whole lives, Ellie." Annelise set down her knitting and hugged Ellie from behind, resting her head on Ellie's. "The time will never be right. It'll never be perfect. But we have to go on living."

Brown wool knitted baby booties. Yarn is Mission Falls 1824 Wool, 100%
superwash wool. Pattern is Little Coriolis Sock from New Pathways for
Sock Knitters; Book One, by Cat Bordhi, with permission by the
designer. Please note that these are slightly asymmetrical, as the
Coriolis band twists in opposite directions for each sock. Care
instructions: machine wash cold, tumble dry low. Handmade by EmilytheSlayer.

Arms hurt. *is stubborn*

Thing is, it's so easy to get distracted. This is a quiet party, but a party nonetheless!

The last time Ewin saw me, I was gaunt. Both she and FigmentJ agree that I look so much healthier now.

Ewin did a bootie dance. :)

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