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Survey of Sol 3: Shangri-La

The next item is some sort of musical medium. I feed it through my link, and the music blossoms into me...

The desert swells into being, and slowly I coalesce. I am a thing of fire, licking at the sky; I am a thing of sand and music, hips moving slowly. The playa creates its own magic, deep and wild, all the more potent for its temporary nature.

And I am a spirit of the playa; I am something like a playa elemental, and something like a goddess.

And when it fractures, I will dissipate - but they will each carry a shard of my with them, everyone who hears, everyone who sees.

I am wild beauty and dance and sex, and once you have seen me, heard me, felt me, you will be mine forever.

Playaluv Bootleg, one of a kind, by Fire and Strings!

FIRE & STRINGS is a collaborative project between fire artist / touring musician S00j (aka S. J. Tucker - Skinny White Chick) and fire artist / dancer / instructor Kevin K Wiley, dazzling audiences through a fusion of fire play and improvisational music. Tucker accompanies Wiley's fire play with her live music or spins fire poi along with Wiley, often with drum support, custom electronic tracks, or as the highly-flammable icing on the cake for explosive shows with
other bands. The essence of Fire & Strings is the interplay between song, dance, theatre, and music; brought together with passion for art and beauty.

Ms. Fabulous S.J. Tucker says, "Comes in a very dusty blue sleeve with a 'man' symbol (a la Burning Man) and an eighth note drawn in the top left corner, includes a "Pyrophiliac" sticker with the Fire & Strings logo and website address. This artifact is straight from the Black Rock Desert, from whence it apparently rode, a stow-away... It is the last of its kind."

Title: Fire & Strings: Playaluv 2007


1. In the Name of the Dance (SJ Tucker)

2. Firebird's Child (SJ Tucker)

3. We Are Shangri-La (Fire & Strings)

Team Venture loves S00j!

Team Venture has an official Cuban making us official Cuban coffee. Life is good.

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