Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Survey of Sol 3: Cayuga Lake

The shawl is warm to the touch. I set it aside and pick up something glittering at me from the wooden table. A necklace.

I found the beach glass on the last day of my family's vacation on Cayuga Lake. They'd been squabbling the whole time. My brothers were cranky, and my mom never wanted to go to begin with, so it was pretty much just me and my dad having fun - and only when the rest of the family wasn't around. Dad would go fishing. I went swimming every day. The first few days, my mom watched me over the top of her paperback... when I showed that I wasn't going to drown anytime soon, she stopped watching. And unlike home, my overcrowded house on an overpopulated street, I actually got to be alone. I would bob in the lake, letting the water just cover my ears. Just enough to drown out the sounds.

Peace and quiet.

I don't know where the beach glass came from. I don't think the lake could have worn it down like that. Maybe it was someone else's summer treasure, lost on a swim.

But I swear, when I touched it - I could feel waves, real waves. I could taste the salt water. I swear I could hear the ocean.

I never showed my brothers. I never showed anyone. I hid it in the little cloth bag I kept found beads in, hiding its muted green in the sparkles of crackles glass and pretty stones - a place my brothers would never look. I kept the bag in my pocket or my purse for years, reaching in to stroke the beach glass whenever I was stressed; it never failed to calm me down. I put it in a little glass bowl on my dresser when I was grown, still with that motley collection of beads.

My son never could feel the ocean in it.

But my granddaughter can.

"Cayuga Lake" necklace by Spoothbrush - Beach glass, freshwater
pearls, glass beads, serpentine, aventurine, carnelian, jasper,
sterling silver. 20", plus the lovely dangles.

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It's so quiet. Everyone is hardcore writing.

The cats are wandering around being very "PET ME, HUMAN!", even Max, who is curled up in a sunbeam right now.

Half of the women here are wearing Wyrding Studios jewelry; I'm wearing my Shayara necklace, and FigmentJ has a Kate-made quartz point, Jennifer has an OMG pink necklace, and EustaciaVye's is fiery twisty copper.
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