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Survey of Sol 3: Thrice

Still shaky, I reach for the artifact closest to me; as I pick it up, another clatters to the floor. They are two of a kind - small tins with chains of plastic and glass. They rattle as I pick them up, and I open them carefully. Within: small metal keys. Plastic cards. One tube of colored wax. Three individually-folded papers of the sort they used for money. One small, glittery clip.

I relax, close my eyes, and let the memory come.

She stands in the corner of the club, holding Alice's purse as well as her own, watching Alice laugh and dance. Watching Alice surrounded by guys, as always. The colored lights played over her friend's sweat-slick body, turning her pale blonde hair the colors of candy floss.

Thea, in the corner, like always.

She sat at a freshly-vacated table, fingers fiddling with the glass beads on her purse. She'd made it herself, hers and Alice's... she'd been in a frenzy of creation since -

Since -

The breakdown. That was what they were calling in.

Thea squeezed her eyes shut, the bass-heavy music thumping at her from her seat. If it was a breakdown, she wanted to break back down. She didn't *fit* here anymore - clubbing with Alice, working at the mall. Not talking. Never talking about any of it, for fear of being sent back to the looney bin. The only thing she could do was draw, or paint - try to capture her memories before they finished slipping away.

Every day, a little more slipped away. Clockwork men and rainbow's daughters, talking animals and women with interchangeable heads and -

And that was what felt like home now. The madness of that lost country. Not these highways and restaurants. Not this club.

Beneath the table, she brought her heels together.



"Click Your Heels" and "Emerald City" tin purses by NiftyBabe313. Decoupaged Altoids tins, glass-beaded or faux-pearl-beaded handles, ribbon. Perfect size for IDs/cash/cards, keys, lipstick, other small treasures.

Adam is holding Tor-tori in a position that makes it clear that she has no dignity whatsoever. Aww.

Frank the Rubber Chicken is once again the mascot for Team Venture. The theme song of Team Venture is "Baby Got Back".

Team Venture is little in the middle, but we got much back. Just so you know.

Blogathon 2008. 24 hours of spontaneous fiction for BARCC.
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