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Survey of Sol 3 by Kess Tarqillan

Testing voice-capture.
Testing stylus.

Begin report from the ruins of Sol 3, colloquially known as Earth by its former inhabitants. This is Kessanda Elyne Tarqillan, colloquially known as Kess. Heh. Apologies to whoever must transcribe this. One gets a little silly out in the black between ruined worlds...

Kess Tarqillan, xenoarchaeologist with second survey of Sol system, targetting Sol 3. Psychometric, like all the best xenoarchs - others can inspect artifacts, but we, by touching them, can see their history. Remember things as if we were there. Of all the planets on the Sol system, Sol 3 has the greatest density of ruins, leading many scholars to hypothesize that this, not Sol 4, was the birthplace of the human race.

I arrived on Sol 3 twenty of their days ago, settling down in an area particularly rich with ruins. The initial survey team had extracted and logged some sixty items before my arrival; I knew that my duty was to examine them first, but I like to get a bigger picture of the world before I begin studying its artifacts. And what a fascinating world, this Sol 3. This Earth. Twisted strands of fused metal and shimmering broken glass like accidental mosaics, wild and artifice all in one...

I have dallied enough on this planet's surface, though. I must get to work.

I settle on my haunches, examining the wealth of human artifacts spread before me. What to begin with? A box? This woven fiber? Those glittering stones? What will reveal the most to me? What will tell your story, lost planet?

Blogathon 2008. 24 hours of spontaneous fiction for BARCC.
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Way hey and away we go...

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