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So slipjig wrote this song a while back that got a lot of attention - a filk of "88 Lines about 44 Women" called "88 Lines about 44 Fangirls. It is fabulous. He is notoriously shy about playing this thing - so much so that it has never been recorded.

Me, eyeing him from across the table: "I have an idea."
Slipjig: "Oh, dear. I am backing away now." *backs away*
Me: "It is about your Blogathon."
Slipjig: "Erk."
Me: "If you reach your fundraising goal? You have to voicepost "88 Lines"."
Slipjig: "I'll accept that. It's not like I'm actually going to reach my goal -"

At this point he remembers who he's sitting across the table from.

Slipjig: "Oh no. Oh crap."
Me: *grin* "You already accepted."

So yes.

Slipjig is blogging for the American Cancer Society. His goal is $500. Click here to sponsor him, and click here to tell him you did so.

*sweet smile*
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