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Midafternoon miscellany

* I'm fidgety-excited, because slipjig and rafaela will be here in about an hour! *dances* Oh, I have missed OtherOtherAdam.

* Phone call today from murnkay, in which he reminded me that I was nuts for doing this. "It's a beneficial sort of crazy, though," I countered, and he was obliged to agree.

* I wish Explo would go take pictures of Elayna's classes. None so far this session. I wish even more that they'd take a picture of her on the quad with her friends... or at tonight's dance.

* Curious difference between myself and Elayna:
Me: "Can someone use your laptop during the 'thon, if we're a laptop shy?"
Elayna: "Sure."
Me, later: "Can someone sleep in your bed? We're going to be pretty crowded, sleepingwise."
Elayna: "Of course!" She continued on her merry way, then paused and returned. "Um. But why are you asking? I mean, of course I'd be fine with it."
Me: "...well, it's your stuff and your space."
Elayna: *shrugs, moves on*

See, if I came home and my mom had let someone even enter my room or touch my typewriter, I'd be hella pissed. Elayna just shrugs it off. My working theory is that it's because I do respect her space and stuff. I don't violate her boundaries, so it doesn't occur to her that I would.

I was thinking about this upstairs. Also about how, when I clean her room, she's happy and grateful; I associate Mom-cleans-the-room with stuff getting thrown away. I don't throw anything of hers away unless it's clearly garbage - a clothing tag or candy wrapper, say. She has stacks of paper in her filing cabinet, because I'm never going to make the call on whether a sketch is Art or Trash. It's not my stuff. Whereas when my room was messy when I was a kid, my mother would descend without warning and throw everything away. Doll collection, books, stories. All in the trash.

This musing brought on also be the fact that Adam and I cleaned Elayna's desk yesterday so someone could sit there tomorrow. Magazines and books are neatly stacked, pencils are in their holder, art is pinned to the bulletin board, and everything I'm not sure of is in the drawer. But. Nothing that wasn't obviously garbage got tossed. And I'd not have touched it at all if she hadn't squeed and hugged me in thanks last time I got the tidying bug. Elayna gets overwhelmed when things cross over from clutter to serious mess, and she freezes. She likes it when someone else wades in and says, "Okay, where do you want your to-read pile? And do you really want to keep this? And as for scarves and gloves - well, where makes sense to you?"

* Food tomorrow! We're getting a big late dinner. We need to arrange food a bit earlier, and lunch, and snacks. I was mentioning to slipjig that food's the only thing I haven't got 100% covered. He said, "Well, that's not your job." Okay. Food's not my job. *nods*

I will now go try to contain my energy by reading a book.
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