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Oi! Pit crew!

Blogathon pit crew/support staff volunteers, sign up below! No, you don't have to sign on for a full eight hours - just give us some idea on when to expect you. No, we do not want you to stay through the whole thon. Because if you're as tired as we are, you are of no use to us, darling.

Responsibilities of pit crew: keeping bloggers hydrated, reminding them to eat and stretch, prying the coffee mug away from them, et cetera. We'd love to have you.

One big rule: Many of the Team Venturians are writing fiction and thus need some degree of concentration while they're writing. Please do not sit down next to wired_lizard and start talking at her when she's writing genderflipped '70s-era Avengers porn, for instance. It will not end well for you. She's a redhead.

Warning: this is a three-cat household. We'll run the Roomba tonight, but the cats will be in attendance. Medicate accordingly. (We have Claritin if you forget.)

Double warning: This is a three-cat household. Please close the door securely when entering and exiting the house. Thank you.

Oh hai! Wanna be pit crew?

First shift
Second shift
Third shift

Please leave your message of encouragement for Team Venture here. :)

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