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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to bettybaker!

Hello to new readers skepoet and way_j!

Way achy. Morning monsoon today. *sigh*

Other 'thonbits
* The boomerang arrived yesterday. Dude. Awesome. My photography is woefully inadequate.
* You don't have to watch NeverSilent - I listed that in the auctions so the link could go to family and other BARCC volunteers. People I don't think would be comfortable reading my LJ. All posts will be crossposted. Please read and comment here!
* A Team Venture LJ community - that we all post there, to make our posts easier to keep track of. Sorry, can't - we sometimes have only a few minutes between posts, and we can't spend that futzing about posting to a bunch of communities. Also, every year I have some people who somehow missed that it was that time of year again, and are surprised by all the posts and sponsor me. Not posting in personal LJ means missing out on drive-by sponsorships. Which is why I'm not posting exclusively at NeverSilent. If you want to keep track of Blogathonners, you can always read my friendslist or blogathon_2008's friendslist. :)
* I will send an exclusive storybit to anyone who sponsors, wins an auction, or pimps the blogathon. So get to pimpin'!

I'm utterly swamped right now, so it's taking me even longer than usual to get back to people on things. I apologize, but do understand that this is a lot of work, and my brain sometimes has difficulty with even a little bit of work.

Link Soup
* Listen to your city.
* An alternate ending to Dr. Horrible. I actually liked Joss's ending. I like this one too, though.
* I love this photo.

Daily Science
For the first time, a team of international researchers has found a way to view the accretion disks surrounding black holes and verify that their true electromagnetic spectra match what astronomers have long predicted they would be.

A black hole and its bright accretion disk have been thought to form a quasar, the powerful light source at the center of some distant galaxies. Using a polarizing filter, the research team, which included Robert Antonucci and Omer Blaes, professors of physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, isolated the light emitted by the accretion disk from that produced by other matter in the vicinity of the black hole.

"This work has greatly strengthened the evidence for the accepted explanation of quasars," said Antonucci.

Daily BPAL
khaosworks got me a bottle of Snow, Glass, Apples! *dances* Is good to know people attending SDCC. T, tell me your PayPal address!

Shrunken Heads: Leather tanned with the pulp of Amazon ferns and rainforest herbs.
In bottle: Mmm! Something green, and something dark. Pungent, yet pleasant.
On me: Same, with more of a leather back. Odd and lovely.

Two-Headed Goat: Dark musk, pimento berry, oakmoss, birch wood, and petitgrain.
In bottle: Ummm. Musk and moss.
On me: Fades on skin, and the birch comes out. Still verra nice, but not as moss-heavy.

Dyan Moon: amaranth, musk rose, juniper, chaste tree, sweet bay, chamomile, rose mallow, Madonna lily, blue musk, wisteria, and iris.
In bottle: Sweet musk, light floral.
On me: Yeah. This is a light pretty floral that does not suck on me.

Note: There are two beautifully-embellished tin boxes in the auction that are the perfect size for imps - here and here. And this wooden box would be perfect for a few best-loved bottles. Just sayin'.

Cleaning. Organizing. Hopefully also writing.
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