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Meet Team Venture

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Tory, also known as Letterblade, is a small red mammal of female gender and indeterminate species who gains unholy pleasure from intertextual communication and doing untoward things to other people's fictional characters.
Strengths: Possesses a muscular physique and a frightening brain capable of spewing vast quantities of fiction. Generally helpful and friendly.
Weaknesses: Averse to fire and sunlight. Haunted by feelings of inadequacy. Sprains ankles with alarming frequency.
Special Skills: Tap-dancing, compass and straight edge construction of heptagons, understanding Utena, and polymathy. Turns lapine under duress.
Weapons: In human form: prehensile red hair, sonic and magical attacks, and distracting cleavage. In animal form: teeth, claws, and magical attacks.
Personal Role Models: Virginia Woolf, Lwaxana Troi, Steve Rogers, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Trivrusky the IV, and Llewellyn the Dragon.

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I'm really excited about getting the band back together, as it were. slipjig, rafaela, wired_lizard, and mllelaurel were so fun to blog with last year! And this year we're adding jennifer, eustaciavye, hypnagogie, ewin (all the way from Georgia!), and nevacaruso! This will be a big silly party. For charity. Naked girls and rubber chickens all over again.

Another Blogathon note: I want to give a shoutout to zlana! Much of the photography in those auctions was done by here; she has a tripod, a makeshift lightbox, and a gift. Check out the detail on sunspiral's Sea Dragon pendant.

And zlana has an item of her own making in the auction - an adorable shiny pink skull-and-crossbones necklace. Her stuff is so funky-cute, and you can see more of it over at Zlanarama.

I'd like to call your attention to the fact that several of the items, despite all having watchers, are currently bidless. This is your chance to swoop in and adopt an artifact! kyburg can't do it all by herself!

I'm very happy that some of the less-immediately-sparkly items are getting attention. Jake von Slatt of Steampunk Workshop wants themaskmaker's Box of Secrets, but he also wants you to bid him up on it, as he digs the cause.

Today I must make the Shopping List of Doom. If anyone wants to chip in for grocery shopping, that'd be awesome.

Team Venture, bring airbeds if you have them! Better too many than too few. Elayna's also okay with someone sleeping in her bed, so that's one spot there and one on the couch (traditionally taken by rafaela), and I have one queen-sized airbed. Living room/dining room area can hold two more queen-sized. Trust me, you will not be fit to drive on Sunday morning post-'thon. We will collapse, then we'll go out somewhere for breakfast.

Remember, every sponsor gets an entry into our drawing for Shiny Things From Around 'Song's House!
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