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Brighter happier side...

* Elayna is having a blast in Session Two of Explo, with classes in ecology and Japanese language & culture and mini-courses in swimming and tennis. She's staying there from tomorrow through Sunday, going to Heifer International's Overlook Farm and Water Country, and she is very psyched. :)

* Blogathonners, she's cool with one of you using her laptop, if you need. It's missing an "s" key thanks to Jack, but is otherwise just fine.

* Speaking of Blogathon, bids on the auctions are up over $650. :) No straight-up sponsorships yet, though, that I know of! Remember, if you donate to BARCC, send me your e-mail receipt so I can keep track!

* I get to hang out with some really awesome people this weekend, doing something great.

* I've gotten very sweet e-mails from a few people lately, and a great LJ comment from bodhifox.

* Date night with my husband tomorrow. :)
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