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Meet Team Venture

Doubling up today, because otherwise we'll never get everyone pimped in time! :)

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User Number: 46020
Date Created:01/22/2001
Number of Posts: 1377

This is Eustaciavye's first year during blogathon. She will be blogging in the most excellent company of TEAM VENTURE!!! She is raising money for Vital Ground ( because grizzly bears are awesome and minimalls do not belong in the wilderness
Strengths: Ability to write about almost nothing, strong opinions on almost everything.
Weaknesses: Easily fatigued, crappy immune system.
Special Skills: Encyclopedic knowledge of song lyrics, looks good in most hats.
Weapons: Zombie laptop! It dies but it always comes back!
Why you should be reading her blog: Come three AM, I'll be damn funny. Also there will be adorable bear content included in some of the posts.

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User Number: 647167
Date Created:2002-07-28
Number of Posts: 492

Neva is a writer and an obsessive fangirl. She will be spending this Day of Blogs (her first) in the company of Team Venture, and will be blogging for Amnesty International.
Strengths: Passionate, cheerful, spontaneously inspired
Weaknesses: Self-doubt, caffeine withdrawal.
Special Skills: Writing like a madwoman
Weapons: Snark. Geeky fannish quotes and references. Funny faces. Overstuffed shoulder bag of doom.
Schtick: Neva hopes to be be writing a lot of fan fiction in twenty-four hours! She's still taking requests; details can be found by following the "Day of Blogs" tag in her journal.

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In other news, this is more like a getting-stuff-done day than a writing day. I need to get out of the house and write tomorrow, because when I'm here, all I see is all the stuff I have to do before the 'thon...
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