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36 items up, twentysomething to go. Jewelry, knitty things, paintings, and repurposed Altoids tins (yes, that's a valid subcategory here) are up. Still to come - tambourines, music, pottery, menstrual pads, and more.

Please remind me to never, ever do this again. I'm sure it'll make a lot of money. But I've been doing nothing all day but sit here and copy and paste and wait on eBay's slow-ass system. All day. I am not kidding.

...I get ice cream tonight.

I'm really looking forward to writing about all of these things, mind. I'm excited about Blogathon itself! I just hate eBay, and I hate watching the little spinny wheel as it loads images...

EDIT: 5:07. I am finally finished. 58 items. Fully loaded. Now you go and you shop And you pimp this out like crazy. Especially if you have something up for auction - artists, tell your fanbase!
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