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Tonight, I post the eBay auctions! I know, I'd originally planned to do them tomorrow. But a) the accepted wisdom is to end auctions on Sunday, and b) I have a BARCC thing, learning the new prevention workshop, from noon to two, which means I'd have to get the auctions up between 7 and 11, which != ideal ending times.

Here's few things.

* If I try pricing every one of the 50+ items as I go, I'll go crazy. My plan was to start everything at $9.99, to give everyone the chance to at least bid. I was assuming I'd get artifacts with a suggested value of $20-$30, the bidding would surpass that, money for BARCC, we all go home happy. But many of these are clearly worth more. So. Artists/craftspeople. If you have a suggested price, please tell me!

* Artists/craftspeople who have not yet sent me your artifact and still plan to - your absolute deadline will be tomorrow at 8 AM. I'll add auctions up til then. No longer. If your items still isn't done or close to done, and you still want to contribute it, we can use it as a drawing prize. But no auction, no story, unless you get me at least a photo and description tonight/very early tomorrow.

Now back to my regularly-scheduled ReaderCon. Which is rocking, btw.

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