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Meet Team Venture

Trading Cards
Permanent Account Edition
User Number: 520176
Date Created:2002-04-07
Number of Posts: 2129

Jen is doing her second Blogathon for St. Jude Childrens' Research Hospital, and her first as part of Team Venture. She loves blogging, loves kids, and wants to kick childhood cancer's ass.
Strengths: fangirling, dressing in frilly outfits, friendliness
Weaknesses: chocolate, frilly outfits, need for caffeine
Special Skills: Bearer of the Fangirl Sparklies
Weapons: Wiimote with Nunchuck, Fangirl Sparklies
Why You Should Tune In: Jen is writing 48 drabbles in 24 hours. It will be interesting to see her crack at 3 AM and start writing crack!

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jennifer is collecting drabble prompts here!
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