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Sekrit messages from Elayna

zarhooie: If I'm on a trip next weekend (and I probably will be!), you can totally use my room during Blogathon.

gwynraven: ZOMG. Squee. *bounces, holding book*


She's having so much fun. Too much for me to summarize. They did skits today, though, and filmed their entry in the Explo Film Festival. She's using her new stage combat skills a lot. She's writing a new comic with new Explo friends. She has enjoyed, of all thing, meditation and birdwatching. And horseback riding, of course. She is bouncy and gleeful, and I can't wait to actually get to hang out with her this weekend! Tomorrow's the last day of Session One, and there are no trips on turnover weekend. Monday she starts her Eco-Logic and Konnichiwa! Japanese Language and Culture courses and swimming and tennis minicourses. Astute observers of Explo's summer site may have seen her recently - she's had pics up with week from her martial arts class and actors' workshop.

Now I go take meds and get some sleep. *nod*
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