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Blogathon: Artifacts

This is what I've got so far, in terms of items, photos, and descriptions. Numbering is totally arbitrary; I will not be doing these in this order. Just needed a headcount, so to speak. If you have a photo or further description of your item, please comment here with it! Please be patient with memory-fractured 'song - I may have your description 'round here somewhere, but if you have it close to hand, just re-send, please. This is a lot to juggle!

Auctions begin on Monday, July 21 and end Monday, July 28. Blogathon is July 26-27. Remember, each of these items will have a piece of short fiction written about them; winners receive a story card with the item. All stories written spontaneously during the Blogathon. Hour 22 should be interesting.

Please pimp these auctions hard next week! The more people see them, the more bids we get, the more money we raise for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.

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Beaded jewelry

#1: "Firebird's Child" by azhure of Sorscha Azhure. Necklace. Sunstone and silver. 16".

#2: "Roma" by parrish_relics. Painting under glass, PMC, fancy jasper beads. 18'.

#20: "Sparkle and Shine" necklace by never1eighty. Moonstone beads, quartz accents, and a plethora of Swarovski crystals, from tiny bicones to big chunks.

#28. "Cayuga Lake" necklace by spoothbrush. Beach glass, freshwater pearls, glass beads, serpentine, aventurine, carnelian, jasper, sterling silver. 20".

#40. Necklace by sihaya09 of Sihaya Designs. Metals are brass and oxidized rose-gold copper, and the main stone is labradorite. 18".

#41. Flower necklace by thisdaydreamer. Freshwater pearl and silver.

#42. Butterfly necklace by thisdaydreamer. Glass, silver, and crystal beads.

#43. Cubed necklace by upstart_crow. Bloodstone and stone-cube beads. 16".

#47. Necklaces by avivasedai.

Other jewelry
#3: Viking Ring Cross pendant by regal_pewter.

#4: Antiqued bronze knotwork heart by cissa of Electric Celt.

#6: Heart and key necklace by shrijani of Delanuit. "Sterling and fine silver, "mineral glass" watch crystal, and a digitally altered photographic print of an illustration from the text book Graded Lessons in Physiology and Hygiene by Krohn-Crombine, published in 1912. I put it on an adjustable black leather thong, but it can be hung on anything that will fit through the jump ring. They key is one of my sterling silver vintage replica keys, the "Diary Key" style. Both pieces are meant to be somewhat rustic, so even though the pendant has a modern style, it's supposed to get dinged up. The watch crystal is strong, but it is breakable, so the buyer should know not to fling it onto the pavement, just like they wouldn't do a watch, etc. :)"

#7: Potion bottle necklace (carnelian, labradorite, bloodstone, base metal, sterling and leather cord) and earrings (labradorite and base metal with sterling earwires) by shrijani of Delanuit.

#19: "Greens in Winter" pendant by kythryne of Wyrding Studios. Peridot, moonstone, silver wire. 1 7/8" (48 mm) high, 1 1/4" (33 mm) wide.

#38. Skull necklace by zlana

#44. Sea-dragon necklace by sunspiral. Cast silver dragon on blue cord.

#46. Chimera Fancies necklace donated by phenom_woman.

Repurposed Altoids tins
#5: Cinnabar embellished tin box by mizarchivist of Cosmo's Curiosities. Full description with photo.

#24. Sculpey-embellished tin box by tisana. Pebble-textured with a rune atop and a mock keyhole in front, black with gold accents, tiny feet.

#32. Emerald City tin purse by niftybabe313. Decoupaged Altoids tin, ribbon, glass-beaded handle.

#33. Click Three Times tin purse by niftybabe313. Decoupaged Altoids tin, ribbon, faux-pearl-beaded handle.

Knitted stuff
#8: Jayne hat by eustaciavye.

#13: Batwing shawl by stormkitty of Fibers by Tracie."Great shawl in brilliant fall colors of red, orange and brown. Also known as the "Bat wing" shawl, it is designed to drape over your shoulders and stay put while working. Wingspan is 64" from tip to tip and the center back length is 33" when laying flat (as worn, it will drape a bit more). Shawl is made out of Joann's Sensations Rainbow Boucle (88% acrylic / 12% Nylon) and can be either hand washed or machine washed in cold water on a very gentle cycle and then dried flat. The pattern is the Seraphina Shawl by Doni. Crocheted by Tracie Barrett of Fibers By Tracie, this shawl won first place in the 2008 Strawberry Festival Needlework Competition for shawls/wraps."

#18: Indigo silk lace scarf by freyapax of Natural Obsessions. 100% silk. Hand dyed with indigo. 6 inches wide by 83 inches long.

#22. Baby socks by emilytheslayer.

#34. Handspun yarn by dulcinbradbury. "It's a thin yarn in deep pink, mango-yellow and a lighter pink -- colours of sunset. If I recall correctly, the fiber was a blend of merino wool, camel and silk. It could make a lovely lace piece -- there might be enough for a shawl."

#54. Mermaid cowl by emilytheslayer.

#15: "Lord of Locusts" limited edition print by aaronace.

#16: "Lady on the Rocks" painting by the_resa. Watercolor paint as underpainting, with Derwent Watercolor pencils sketched on top. 10 x 14 on 2 ply bristol.

#17: "Venutian Binds" by ultra_lilac. 16x20" poster in black frame.

#25. "I'm Tired of the City" painting by sweetevangeline.

#45. "Raven's Light" painting by jnanacandra.

#50. "Unifier of Opposites" painting by flutterbychild.

#51. Untitled painting by flutterbychild.

#55. Painting by charitypomaybo.

#9: Carved Rice Bowl by pharminatrix. 3.25" tall x 4.75" diameter. Wheel-thrown and carved white stoneware bowl, glazed and fired to Cone 6 (2130° F).

#10: Maille by ianhess. Full description with photo.

#11: Lunar swirl tambourine by fiddle_dragon.

#12: Candlelight tambourine by fiddle_dragon.

#14: Skelefairy by elionwyr. Glow-in-the-dark polymer clay.

#21. Miskatonic Valley Junior Baseball Association fan pack, from Black Phonix Trading Post! "Each pack comes with a raglan baseball tee (printed with the team and sponsor's logos), a 12" x 5" team pennant (genuine felt!), and a bottle of Miskatonic Valley Junior Baseball Association's Spring Training 2008 scent! This season's scent is brought to you courtesy of Mother Shub's Peanut Brittle Caramel Popcorn - hand-crafted at home by her one-thousand young'uns!" Winner will choose a team (Innsmouth Guppies or Dunwich Whipporwills) and shirt size.

#23. Vitus Dance CD by Gaia Consort.

#26. "Live, Love, Laugh" handpainted box by piscosubito.

#27. Sparkly paper bowl, primarily lavender, by dalbino83 of Pangaea Paper.

#29. Cotton flannel menstrual pads and pad wrap by spoothbrush.

#30. Mask by themaskmaker. Papier mache, gesso, acrylic paint, acrylic felt, elastic cord.

#31. Box of secrets by themaskmaker. Matchbox, safety pin, burned matches, train-flattened penny.

#35. Balloons! stained glass by sageautumn.

#36. Abstract prismatic stained glass by sageautumn.

#37. Runic-embroidered biscornu by frogger_the_mad.

#39. Pottery candleholder by ladysea.

#48. Lavender butterfly stained glass by sageautumn.

#49. Reversible blue tote by spoothbrush.

#52. Tin of zukoh (body incense) by beetiger of Mother's Hearth incense. "The tin is made in India but the scented powder is my own recipe. It is meant to be rubbed between the palms or into pulse points as a purification and a personal scent."

#53. Mix CD by s00j.

Pending arrival
* Calligraphed poem by zarhooie.
* Boomerang by corrguineacht.
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