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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to iroshi!

Two days is a trend. I've been feeling just fine in the mornings - but the afternoons are marked by throbbing achiness and fatigue. I've been packing lots of Getting Shit Done into the mornings, and I'm faced with trying to figure out what I should be doing. If I do less in the mornings, will I be less messed up in the afternoons? Or will I be equally messed up and then not have gotten shit done?

More pimpage
* Polidori Chocolates: The Mystery Grab Bag of Mystery sale! Your last chance to try Polidori til the fall. It's worth it. Seriously.
* SoulCollage Workshop, August 16th, in Malden. pegkerr's written about her SoulCollage cards. Seems interesting. :)
* More cyberfunded creativity: Tales from the Wishing Well.

Writing Challenge
Summer Shorts Writing Challenge: write 5000 words of short fiction by August 5. There are prizes! I'll do this. I need to get back on track with that anyway.

Blogathon: artifacts
Today I must sort and write up descriptions for auctions. Thankfully, some people sent me multiple artifacts, so I can expand as needed; with that and the stuff I'm making (which also has to get done today), I should probably have all 48. If I have more than 48, I will write more. I'm just not staying up an extra howevermany hours to do it. :) Sleep, then more story.

Since I'll be at ReaderCon all weekend, I have to photograph everything by tomorrow afternoon - I have to post the auctions on Monday, and the con is tomorrow evening through Sunday evening. And I have a BARCC thing midday Monday.

Expect a "Meet Team Venture!" post today, too.

Daily Science
Astronomers have uncovered an extreme stellar machine -- a galaxy in the very remote universe pumping out stars at a surprising rate of up to 4,000 per year. In comparison, our own Milky Way galaxy turns out an average of just 10 stars per year.

Daily BPAL

BEZOAR: Copaiba balsam, Tolu balsam, hay absolute, cardamom, and hiba wood.
In bottle: Balsam and cardamom are delicious together. Who knew?
On me: Sweet woody nutty and slightly spiced. On a hayride.

THE BLASPHEMARE RELIQUARY: Ethiopian myrrh, Damascus rose, boswellia, galbanum, and copal.
In bottle: Galbanum and copal, with a twist of myrrh.
On me: Almost-musky resin.

FAEU BOULANGER: Mushroom gases, swamp mist, green mint, and bog violet.
In bottle: Musty minty violet.
On me: Musty violet, minus mint.

THE CONTRACT OF THEOPHILUS OF ADANA: Parchment, Siamese benzoin, infernal incense, red musk, brimstone, and daemonorops.
In bottle: Ugh. Something unpleasant in there.
On me: Yeah, something stinks. The incense, maybe?

See Blogathon above. I'm really never doing this without an assistant again. Also, BARCC thing tonight, then date night with feste_sylvain.
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