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Mail call

Artifacts received Saturday and today from sihaya09, spoothbrush, piscosubito, thisdaydreamer, solcita, sweetevangeline, and niftybabe313!

That was in package-mail. Regular mail hasn't gotten here yet, so if your artifact is small and not yet here, it may be on its way later today. And in regular mail, never1eighty!

Everything is wonderful. :)

Locals who are planning on giving me their artifacts at Diesel tomorrow - I will not be there. I have BARCC meetings tonight and Wednesday and ReaderCon Thursday-Sunday, leaving tomorrow as the only evening I can spend at home. And I'm taking it. If you were planning to give me your artifact tomorrow, please give it to tamidon, who will give it to feste_sylvain, who will give it to me on Wednesday.

I need to go through the box and tally up what I've got, see how many things I have to make to get it to 48. Some people made more than one thing, which helps tremendously.

And again, crafters, thank you *so much* for being part of this.
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