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Hello to new readers lynxreign, n2mlq, and wyld_dandelyon!

Yep, I pretty much passed out yesterday afternoon, and I had a lot of stiffness and achiness. Still do a bit, so I'll be trying to do the somewhat-sedentary things on my to-do list.

Blogathon crafters!
If you have no sent me your artifact, please do so ASAP; if you can't get it to my in time, I at least need a picture. I've set aside Thursday for photographing the artifacts I do have and writing them up - auctions go up a week from today.

Blogathon Press
I'd love to get stuff about the 'thon in the papers. Anyone good at press-release-type things?

Has just decided to sleep over at Explo tonight, Tuesday, and Wednesday (that last she had to anyway if she wanted to attend Cruise Night, and she does; she has... a date). She'll be staying late Thursday and Friday (which works well with our ReaderCon plans). So. I'm not really going to be seeing my daughter til Saturday. And that off and on - she likes to do her own thing at cons. She's looking forward to seeing sdn and Sarah Beth Durst in particular.

I cannot take off this week, as I have too much to do and most of that requires me to be present.

I'm not doing panels at ReaderCon; perhaps I shall do so next year. I do have my PiCon schedule, though! I'm pleased with what I got, though I've asked for two more panels.

Friday: 6 PM: Blogging 101 - Hugh Casey, Cory Doctorow, Shira Lipkin, KT Pinto, Kat Toomajian
10 PM: Incorporating Fables & Folklore into Fiction - Sara Harvey, Shira Lipkin, KT Pinto, David Sklar

Saturday: 6:30 PM: Reading

Sunday: Noon: Young Adult Fiction - Patty Cryan, Cory Doctorow, Debra Killeen, Shira Lipkin

Anyone from Boston driving out to PiCon? Got room in the car?

Daily Science
Researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz, have discovered a type of gene regulation never before observed in mammals -- a "ribozyme" that controls the activity of an important family of genes in several different species. The findings, published July 9 in the journal Nature, describe a new and surprising role for the so-called hammerhead ribozyme, an unusual molecule previously associated with obscure virus-like plant pathogens called viroids. The UCSC researchers found the ribozyme embedded within certain genes in mice, rats, horses, platypuses, and several other mammals. The genes are involved in the immune response and bone metabolism. "The unique thing about these ribozymes is that they control the expression of the genes they're embedded in," said Monika Martick, a UCSC postdoctoral researcher and first author of the Nature paper.

I have doctor calls to make this morning. Ugh. Also the packing of BPAL. Also writing up the Blogathon auction boilerplate, writing a bit about BARCC for you guys, getting info from Team Venture. Also going to a BARCC meeting tonight. Also must find time to write ere I go mad. And - just ugh. This week will be utterly packed. If you see me at ReaderCon Thursday night, buy me a drink!

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