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Happy early birthday to enderfem, misshallelujah, mycroftca, raptorgirl, silme, wcg, xthread, and ysabel, who advance a year this weekend... and birthday remembrance for tx_db8r, who does not, even though she should've.

Hello to new reader novelfriend!

Art camp!
Kinda. I got to cut and fuse glass last night. :) Some of mine turned out very well! All but one, in fact. It's not a second career for me by any means, but it's fun. Stuff like this - pre-wrapped, of course. So like these, but larger and funky shapes, and more variety of color. One of mine is polka-dot. :) If Kyth uses any, I'll post links, but that wouldn't be til August.

Bostonians - know of any good colorists/stylists who know that curly hair is different from straight hair? I really want to get my red stripes back this week.

* Amy's kludging together some code that'll allow me to post simultaneously to LJ and WordPress, so yay.
* Updating the gallery daily at this point. This is all pics taken by the artists; I haven't taken any pics yet. That's a week-after-next project. I hope to photograph stuff Monday-after-next and get it up on eBay Tuesday-after-next.
* Again, any description you can give is awesome. Example of minimal but effective description; example of mega description. Both are good. My goal is to not have to answer any questions about the items during Blogathon; I can't answer "Is that wool?" while I'm writing my next entry, 'specially if the knitter is asleep already and cannot be pinged. So. Let me know if it's wool.
* The one thing that drove me craziest during last year's Blogathon, incidentally, was constantly being pulled away to answer questions or get things for people; this year, I'd love to have a support-staff person just to be a household concierge. Because I understand that you need the colander right now, but I also need to finish this story right now. Those of you who're taking shifts - if you're willing to be the concierge, let me know, and I can give you a crash course on where stuff is.

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Dark green tee, blue knee-length skirt with green vines.
Reading: In between books! Oh noes! In my suitcase for the bus ride home (which I won't need to take, as Kyth & Amy are wandering down to Boston tomorrow anyway - The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, and A Shadow in Summer by Daniel Abraham.
Writing: That short story has yet to explode out of me. Must set traps.
Planning: Setting traps for said story. Um. No other concrete plans for today, other than continuing to slash and burn through the inbox and the little tasks that've piled up to become big tasks and therefore psychologically bar me from getting any damn writing done. At some point tomorrow, I go home! And get Elayna! And Sunday, I will be shopping for an air conditioner or two and going to Elayna's Backyard Shakespeare performance.

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