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Thor's Day

Hello to new reader stormkitty!

Much better. Achy, but not godawfully overheated. My brain really was turning off at those temperatures.

Oh, look!
John Klima's posted the TOC for Electric Velocipede #15/16. I am in good company. And it is a supermega issue. You should go subscribe so you don't miss it. *nod*

(I am trying to be cool, but this is my first really-published work (Shayara was published, but is comics), so I am all bounce-and-squee.)

There are three cats and a dog here. That is an optimal configuration for writing. Also, we are visiting farmstands and bead stores, and I am good and relaxed. Uncoiling.

If everyone who offered comes through, I've got it made. If not... I have a lot of crafting to do! I did buy fun beads today, so I'll be making something from those and something else. Those will be surprises. Want some not-surprises? Here's a preview! I will be writing about, and you will hopefully be bidding on, the following:

"Venutian Binds", by the glamorous ultra_lilac.

"Lady on the Rocks", by the_resa, author/artist of Wandering Star, still one of my favorite comics.

I should highlight some of the artifacts every day. That and the print from aaronace are all I have for printed/painted art so far - Aaron, do you have a pic online? And I know charitypomaybo, flutterbychild, sweetevangeline, and jnanacandra are painting things.

I feel weird that I don't have any sponsors yet. I usually have sponsors lined up by midJuly. But y'all are probably waiting to see the items to see if there's anything you want to bid on. (That's what I would do.) I expect most of the donations to come in the Tuesday after Blogathon, when the auctions close and those of you who did not win but still want to give money to a good cause will do so. *nod*

Anyone looking to share a room with two very silly short chicks? zarhooie and I are looking for roommates.

I did not get the chance to pack and mail BPAL before I fled. Because seriously, I fled. I'm sorry. I suck. BPAL packages will contain tea and non-melty candy.

Link Soup, Regular Edition
* Bubblewrap calendar.
* Laundry dragons!
* Strange Engines - Civil War steam guns and other curiosities.

Link Soup, Daily Science Edition
* There has been another development in the ongoing effort to map the human brain. Using a new technique called diffusion tensor imaging, scientists at Indiana University have created the first high resolution map of the human cortical network

* Chemical Fossils Preserved in Lava Reveal Remains of Ancient Sea Life

* Water found in moon matter counters the long-held belief that Earth's satellite is bone dry, researchers announced today. Geologists used new technology to coax water molecules from volcanic glasses brought back decades ago by two Apollo missions.

* In a breakthrough that could eventually help tame one of the deadliest virsuses known to man, researchers have laid bare the key to Ebola's power: a lone protein that resides on its surface.

Continuing the catchup, and hopefully getting started on a story.
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