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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to kyranjaye and sindrian!

I am having a week of tremendous fatigue. On the bright side, I now have a toe X-ray, an asthma-med refill, and an appointment with a nutritionist.

We take our amusement where we can.
I was spotted by a fellow PolyBoston geek on my way out of the doctor's office.
First question two geeks ask each other in this situation: "What're you in for?"
Second question: "What're you reading?"
(Space opera, both of us.)

Thank you...
...for all of the kind comments yesterday... I was away from the computer all afternoon and evening, and will be getting to responses (and more fershlugginer Blogathon stuff) soon, but I wanted to do a quick general thank-you.

Also a reassurance that there will be things in this LJ that are not rape-survivor- or Blogathon-related soon. Perhaps I will post a bit of Places You Haunt later.

Daily BPAL

CYTHEREA: White sandalwood, patchouli, white amber, orris, bourbon vanilla, champaca flower, and kush.
In bottle: Woods and amber.
On me: Sweet - there's the vanilla. Vanilla and sandalwood, with amber and champaca.

DIONYSIA: Wild plum, pomegranate, raspberry, Siamese benzoin, plum blossom, patchouli, frankincense, and mahogany
In bottle: Ummm. Plum pomegranate with a shot of raspberry.
On me: Same. I would like to drink this.

DAIYU: Moroccan jasmine, chrysanthemum, tea leaf, white musk, and acai berry.
In bottle: Acai.
On me: Yeah, this is like acai SN. Which is not a bad thing.

EISHETH ZENUNIM: Honey, ambergris, neroli, white peach, patchouli, and cocoa absolute.
In bottle: Peach patchouli = noxious.
On me: Nasty. Where is the honey? The cocoa?

Depends. Clearly I need to pack up and mail the BPAL, pick up my asthma meds, and answer a lot of e-mail. Question is whether I'll be packing up a few changes of clothes and a toothbrush, too.
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