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The kid has decided to sleep over at camp tonight, tomorrow, and Friday, and she has a trip on Saturday. So I will not be seeing her til Saturday evening.

*looks around at hot stuffy apartment that she will have no company in*


Anyone want a road trip? Spontaneous adventure!

Alternatively, anyone want a Shadesong for a few days?
I can sleep on couches. All I require is coffee, wifi, some form of air conditioning, and the occasional slice of pizza. Offer valid only to places I can catch a bus to (this includes NYC) and/or to people willing to come fetch me, as I'm still not street-legal.

Yes, I'm serious; I'm overheated and undertraveled and have no incentive to be here, with Elayna not here.

EDIT: Also, and important, I can't write when I'm too overheated to think, and when I can't breathe.
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