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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

10 points to House Gojirawitz.

First interview as a BARCC volunteer. Half an hour. Very comprehensive. Exhaustive, one might say.

The article will be in a law enforcement magazine in August/September. I'll be interested to see what they use from this interview. One thing I repeated, given the audience, is that the rape survivor is in shock. Please read up on shock. Please treat the rape survivor accordingly. Please keep in mind that this person may not be capable of processing information or making decisions right then. Please remember that it takes a lot just to keep one's wits about one and remember not to go to the bathroom or shower or brush one's hair or even change underwear. Please remember that being there in that emergency room right after the assault is an act of bravery in itself, and that the survivor may need to be brave one step at a time. (And these are things I can hold onto - I did everything right, in the hours following the rape. And I damnwell talked my way out of him killing me, talked him into wanting to drive me home. Scheherazade in blue jeans, baby.)

But it went beyond just talking about the rape kit; plenty of talking devoted to PTSD and the healing process and why I'm a member of the Survivor Speakers Bureau and whatnot. Like I said. Exhaustive. And exhausting.

If you see me tonight, buy me an iced chai and/or a cookie.


EDIT: This is something I wrote a bit ago about having the rape kit done/evidence collected. If you are curious. Trigger warning, obviously. And now I wander off.
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