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Dear crazy-ass aunt who decided to up and take on the bridal shower even though that is my job as matron of honor:

If you are going to plan this shower - if you are so motivated by your love for my sister that you have to jump in and be the damn boss and showboat your mad caterer-pickin' skills and whatnot - if this is so important to you that you've just got to usurp my matron-of-honor duties -

Fucking learn to spell her name.

No love,

(I shit you not. Aunt spells it with one l. It's been two ls for 30 years. Maybe crazy-ass aunt is just a little slow.)
(And I don't care. Have your crepes and your stupid theme, whatever. I get to give The Toast. And boy, did my family look scared when they realized they'd given me that power.)
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