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Breaking radio silence...

...for medical stuffs, but may as well do a whole post...

Hello to new reader iambliss!

The big thing is that I've been having premature ventricular contractions again. Heart tumbling in my chest, too fast and out of sync, and me getting dizzy because not enough blood's getting pumped - the P in PVC here means that the ventricle's contraction before it fills with the blood it's supposed to be pumping. This had been happening off and on for about two weeks, but was happening more and more til it was about a half-dozen times a day this week.

I figured out why - and this is a good reminder for those of you taking generics.

You see, the generic of a medication can be up to 25% less effective as the name-brand and still get FDA-approved as an acceptable substitute.

My pills changed shape on my last refill. They'd been using a generic for the past few months, but they changed manufacturers, and changed from a small oval to a large circle. And 12.5mg of the oval clearly != 12.5mg of the circle.

So last night I bumped up to 25mg (this is preapproved by the doctor; I was on 12.5 because I like to be on as little of any given med as is necessary to control my issue (PVCs and supraventricular tachycardia), but I have permission to bump up if I get symptomatic again). Today, I'll be calling my doctor about that and the feeling like there's an electrical current running through my legs when I'm lying down. Re: the meds - I don't know if there's a way to specify what generic I get, or if I just have to go name-brand. Name-brand is $30 more per month, so I'd rather be on my previous generic.

I'm rambling about this here because Adam and feste_sylvain didn't know that generics could be that much less effective and still be approved - so I thought the rest of y'all might appreciate the information. If you're on a generic and your symptoms are returning, it might not be the illness getting stronger - it might be your meds getting weaker.

Of course, in my case, this is all theory - but considering the timing, I think it's a very sound theory.

Elayna at Explo!
Today's her third day, and Wednesdays are "mini-courses"! Courses - Actor's Workshop and Just For Kicks (martial arts) this semester - are all-morning Mon, Tu, Th, and Fri. Mini-courses are concentrated just for Wednesday, one in the morning (Musical Theater) and one in the afternoon (Stage Combat).

She is having a blast. She's bouncing off the bus every day grinning like a madwoman. :) The afternoon is free activity period - so far she's done a writing workshop, a just-for-girls talk, she's played Mafia... the other session on Monday was another orientation. She's trying new things, foodwise. She's making friends. She's relaxing and uncoiling.

And we're not going to see her this weekend! The day students get to sleep over up to three nights per week, and she's taking advantage of that... Thursday's evening activity is an off-campus movie night, Friday's is a dance, and Saturday and Sunday are trips. Her top choices are trapeze school and the Salem Witch Museum, followed by indoor skydiving and water country. So... yeah. She'll be sleeping at the school. Meep. Will miss my girl! I'm seeing her less now than during the school year! But she's having such a great time, so it's worth it.

July 4th Weekend
So what are locals up to? Since, y'know, we will be kidless and are planless.

Vacation so far
Cut the inbox in half, doing lots around the house, have done a bunch of writer-organizational things. I get the feeling that this week is more of a get-things-in-order week, and I may or may not take next week off too. The thing that's keeping me from jumping into PYH right now is that I have a story with a real-soon-now deadline, and I don't know what I'm doing with it. I'm just kinda hanging around waiting for my POV character to say "OH HAI." That, and I have a whole new angle on "Ondine". So. Deadline story, you're on notice. Today's your day to appear if you feel like being written. Because I've got stuff to do, y'know?

Link Soup
* I want a Buzzball!
* Also subatomic particle stuffties. Seriously. Want. Dear Santa, please remember one for my stocking. Or more. They're subatomic, they'll fit.
* Speaking of the Higgs Boson, this lucky bastard got to visit the Large Hadron Collider.

Daily Science
Imagine tweezers so fine that you could reach right into a cell and manipulate individual molecules. MIT researchers have created such a tweezer, using beams of light. The tweezer is so precise it’s been used to determine how strong the chemical bonds are between two protein molecules in a cell. The research was published in the June 30th edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. It builds on work published last fall, when the same scientists demonstrated that so-called optical tweezers could pick up and move cells on a microchip. Scientists wanted to investigate protein bonds to get a better understanding of the forces that give cells structure and the ability to move around.

They used the light-beam tweezer to pin one type of protein in place. Another beam tugged at a second protein, which eventually broke completely away from the first. By knowing the energy necessary to break the bond, the scientists were in fact measuring the strength of that bond. Researchers say the tweezers can be applied to hundreds of other protein interactions that make up the cell’s architectural skeleton—potentially teasing out secrets of how cells work.

Daily BPAL

Hay Moon: Hay absolute, tall grasses, dry honey, mallow, cardamom, amber, and wheat.
In bottle: Grasses and something sharp.
On me: There's the hay. Still the sharpness. No honey or cardamom. :(

Mead Moon: Golden mead, fermented with gruit, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, ginger root, sweet-briar, rosemary, and lemon.
In bottle: ...liquid sex. Yum. Okay. Let's narrow that down. Thick sweetspicy.
On me: Dripping honeycomb, dipped in a bowl of spices, little flecks of ginger and nutmeg clinging to the glistening surface. I wore this yesterday, and it lasts *all* day.

Slippery Poppy Tincture: Poppy flowers, acai berry, and honey.
In bottle: Acai. Yum.
On me: Sweet green acai berry.

Bruised Violet Compound: Crushed violets, red currant, patchouli root, and Spanish moss.
In bottle: Spanish moss with scattered violets.
On me: Spanish moss with scattered currants and a few violets. YUM.

Will be updating the sale post soon as I get padded envelopes. Big sale! Gotta pay for the ReaderCon hotel room! (Anyone need roommates?)

I'm not reading LJ, so if something big's happened in your life, tell me here! Or, y'know, if you just want to say hi.

*ninja vanish*
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