Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Weekend miscellany

* Triple-feature yesterday: Wall-E, The Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man. Hulk was meh, though better than the previous Hulk movie.This was my second time seeing Iron Man and Adam's first. I still maintain that the opening scene from that ought to be taught in classes. That's how you define a character quickly. Wall-E = wonderful. See it!

* Elayna now has CPR and Red Cross babysitter certification. Let us know if you need a sitter!

* Physically...I'm having IBS issues,and the screwy barometric pressure is messing with my pain levels something fierce.

* Remember, Wind Tunnel Dreams July 1! I'll be using this post, with the alphabet writing prompts (unless something else occurs to me). Most of the letters are taken, but E, F, and G are still available!

* I have a new writing project. It is eating my brain. And I won't be able to show it to you for a few months, I think. Nyargh. It's going to be fun, though, in the most cracked-out of ways...

* I'm feeling rather out of joint. Elayna starts Explo tomorrow, though; this upcoming week will let me figure out how the whole summer's going to shake out.

* Got her all registered for Explo today, btw, and we're all more excited than ever. :)

Tired tired tired. And feeling very restless. I have a bunch of family-obligation travel and visits this year, which makes it very difficult for me to do the travel I want to. In a perfect world, I could just take a month and take the train down the East Coast: see Spooky; see harkalark, photognome, irana,ydnic, and the rest of the Atlanta crew... I am coming to terms with the fact that this is not a perfect world. Yes, still. On a daily basis. Eh,ignore me. I'm premenstrual and pensive.
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