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Blogathon folks:

I sent lots of e-mail this morning. I hit up people who hadn't responded with a "Please, I *heart* your work", and I reminded people whose items I don't have yet. (I know where some of you are on your progress, but not where some of the others are, or if they remembered they'd offered. I could have kept splitting the e-mail list down like that, but I do not want Xeno's E-mail.)

If you are donating an artifact, please give me details on it that I can use in the auction description. This goes especially for the knitters; I am not a member of the Cult of Knitting, so I don't know one type of yarn or stitch from another, and I want the items to be described as well and completely as possible to catch all of the eBay search strings.

In a perfect world, I write a basic boilerplate, I stick your description and the photo in, and boom, I post it. Because I hate trying to describe things for eBay, I really do.

And yes, I can still use more items. If I get more than 48, I'll just write more. Do you make something? Bonus points for something unusual! Let me know. :) Remember, all proceeds go to the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.

Next on the e-mail list: Team Venture, I have a food-preferences spreadsheet. Watch for it!
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