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Writing out a quandary

So I looked at Viable Paradise's page again, and...I'd failed to factor in the hotel. The $850 entry fee, I can swing, thanks to the "economic stimulus" check. But the hotel would be an extra thousand.

And I look at that, and... I'm exhausted. Could I raise that. Maybe. Not probably. Not without a lot of effort, probably another raffle or something. And raising money to get Elayna into Explo this April and May, two straight months of intense pressure, really wore me thin. Doing another high-pressure fundraiser, especially while I'm doing Blogathon? Blogathon's enough.

And I think you guys probably wish I'd settle down and stop fundraising. The year we've had, you probably have fundraiser fatigue.

Me, I'd just like to write and not be putting pressure on you to give more monies. Can I get another thousand dollars without putting that pressure on? I don't think so. And the thought of another three months of applying that pressure makes me twitchy.

I will do it next year. Next year, I'll have time to apply for financial aid for Elayna's camp, and won't have to raise $4,000 for that in two months, so I'll be in better shape to raise $2,000 for Viable Paradise.

I know that my tension will start to drain next week, when she's off at camp 8 to 5 and I can get stuff done around here. I know my tension will start to drain when I have a solid month of no travel and no big commitments (except Blogathon and Readercon) and no doctors' appointments. July is a beautiful oasis on my calendar, and I will savor it.
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