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Odin's Day

Hello to new reader markteppo!

(No birthdays this week. Weird.)

Cautious optimism.

Dear LazyWeb: Is my iPod dead?
It was having issues - freezing and having to be restarted. Finally, it had to be restored to factory settings. Now, I'm on try #3 of getting my songs back on it - it keeps getting hung up on a song (not the same song). (I'm not being impatient here - I mean for hours/overnight).

Is it dead, Jim? Ought I to be shopping? (If so, does anyone have the iPod Touch? Is the net connectivity/map stuff worth the reduced capacity and increased price?)

Sound off! Who's coming? All three of us will be there.

Yep, looks like I'll be there. Rooming with zarhooie, and probably doing a reading and a bunch of panels.

Choice Paralysis
I have too many gift cards. Yes, I know, as problems go, that's not a big one. One of my brain flaws, though, is that I have great difficulty choosing what to drop that $10 on on Amazon, or $25 at Borders. Plus I don't know where there's a Borders around here, but that's a separate problem.

Link Soup
* Con costume bingo.
* Woodblock art prints made with a steamroller. Badass.
* Winners of the Veidt Enterprises advertising contest. Warning, video starts autoplaying.
* Beds beds beds. I like the tree bed and the hanging bed.

Daily Science
A team of physicists in Vienna has devised experiments that may answer one of the enduring riddles of science: Do we create the world just by looking at it?

Daily BPAL
Almost through my imps-to-be-tested pile! Clearing everything out in anticipation of the Carnaval Diabolique IV and V decants.
Thanatos: Dry white sandalwood and soft Siamese benzoin over a lugubrious blend of myrrh, Moroccan rose, mastic, tomb moss and a thin whiff of Greek incense.
In bottle: Meh rose subsides; oakmoss surfaces.
On me: Sweet resins and moss. Rose is, surprisingly,not rising up to strangle the other scents.

Spellbound: An irresistibly sexual, utterly rapturous blend of three roses, radiant amber, and sensual red musk.
In bottle: Huh. More red musk than rose.
On me: Yeah. Sweet red musk. Ohhh, wait, here it comes. Oh hai rose.

Twilight: Lavender and jasmine, with a touch of glowing honeysuckle.
In bottle: Lavender.
On me: Lavender - but with a trace of dirty-diaper jasmine.

Fae: A brilliant, ethereal scent: white musk, bergamot, heliotrope, peach and oakmoss.
In bottle: Peach death.
On me: Peach death. *gags*

Walk to town for errands. Bunch of housework to do - have to help Elayna muck out her office (she gets to mop, though). I asked her what she'd like to do for fun, as this is one of only two free days before summer camp (tomorrow and Friday are Red Cross babysitting/CPR certification classes). She very much wants to sit with me and help me with my GaiaOnline profile. Apparently having a mom with a basic profile background and an off-the-rack avatar is a great embarrassment to her. We may do a movie night tonight - must touch base with husband on that.
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