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Whee. :)

Thank you all for the congratulations. :) *hugs the congratulations* *hugs all of the congratulators she can reach*

Very excited. Like I said, this is my favorite story so far. And. I actually got the e-mail about it Thursday night - but they wanted a title change. And I knew they weren't going to up and decide not to buy it after all if they didn't like my proposed alternate title, but there is a very superstitious part of me that would not let me post until it was final.

So I held onto it for days. Man. I felt like I was going to explode of suppressed squee!

"The Angel of Fremont Street" works for me as well as for the ChiZine editors. It was actually the other title in my head when I was writing it. "Hey Elizabeth" won out only because Counting Crows' "I Wish I Was A Girl" got me started thinking about Elizabeth in the first place. "Hey Elizabeth, y'know, I'm doing all right these days."

I am, y'know. :)

So yeah. Glee! Next writing projects: excerpt Places You Haunt to apply to the Viable Paradise workshop (deadline 6/30), and write something new for nihilistic_kid's Haunted Legends anthology (reading period starts 7/15). I was going to submit "Hey Elizabeth" to that. It was Nick who told me to try ChiZine first. "If they reject it, they'll do it quickly enough for you to make it into my reading period," he said. They bought it! So I'm thrown a bit. Ack! Nothing to submit to Haunted Legends! *laugh* I have an idea, though; we'll see what comes of it.

In non-writery news...

Went from the sublime to the nauseating today. Cat pee in Elayna's office. Elayna's office, which has a thick carpet of cast-off clothing and papers, now all stuck together with cat pee. *gag* I have identified the source of the deposit and sorted out salvagables from garbage. Unfortunately, there's a lot of garbage. Including one of my old Anastasia Krupnik books. :( Elayna lost a few books, too; I hope this taught her something about keeping that area clean. Hope.

Conversation at the rheumatologist's office:
Other Patient: "Oh, I love your shoes! Those are so cute!"
Me: "Um. Thank you."
OP: *sigh* "I can't wear cute shoes anymore."
Me: "Oh, no, these are Aerosoles. They're totally comfortable."

And, y'know, I am too young to be discussing shoe comfort at the rheumatologist's office. I'm just saying.

Appointment itself went just fine, with the note that I'm doing much better this time than last, with not much flinching when he jammed his fingers into my tender points. Yes, they're still tender. He was mercifully gentle with my hips, and mentioned that they could give me cortisone shots. "But you have to ask for them." I don't know what that means, or what it's a hint for. Don't care. Give me the prescriptions and let me go.


Okay. Now to Backyard Shakespeare, where I'm hoping Elayna will get to be Beatrice, and Coyote-chan would be a damn fine Dogberry.
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