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late afternoon miscellany

Spent the morning doing numerous little organizational things, the kind that pile up on you. Decided to take a walk.

Realized, about a mile away from home, that I had forgotten I had a massage appointment in, um, ten minutes.

Speed-walked home. Got to massage place only ten minutes late. Had luxurious 90-minute massage (plus sound therapy, plus tarot reading (the star + judgment + eight of cups)). Mentioned during massage that I'd been meaning to make a manicure appointment; the massage therapist ducked out and said "Oh, you can do that right after the massage."

My nails are dark blue. emilytheslayer, our manicurist says hi!

...I am really not as girly as this post is making me sound.

Came home to a phone call from the bridal store - our bridesmaid dresses are in. Finally. I say finally not because I was impatient, but because my mom had been agitated about this for weeks. "They're not in yet?!?" "It's been two months. They said two to three months." Over and over again, we had this talk.

So yay! Dresses in. Called Mom. She wasn't home yet, but my sister was; she was also happy to hear about the dresses. I asked her about wedding stuff... she muttered something about "Yeah, we got some crappy cake."

Wait, what? I got her to rewind on that. Apparently they decided on a cake that is very bland and bland-looking - plain white fondant with little "pearls" and a few calla lilies. My sister wanted something more interesting, "but I got outvoted."

"You're the bride," I said. "You get ten votes for every single vote they get."

"Yeah, well. Doesn't matter what I want."

"Honey, you're. The damn. Bride. You get what you want. This is your wedding."

"Yeah, well."

Then I asked what she'd be serving. She didn't know. Music? Dunno. All they've done is dress selection and cake.

... So. Why is my mother constantly pestering me about the damn dress when they haven't been doing anything over there? My mother needs to stop nagging about the dress and start auditioning some damn bands.

Oy gevalt. I tell you.

I told my sister not to worry about the alterations and whatnot, that it's all totally handled. And when Mom calls back tonight, I'll be saying "Y'know, let her have fun with the cake."

And I'm babbling here because this is my least favorite hour of the day - it's the hour before Adam gets home. Want him here now.

...I'm going to go do something non-girly now.

EDIT: Oh, and one of the organizational things = uploading pics of artifacts for Blogathon, and creating a sticky-post FAQ. Go look at the pretty pictures! I need to photograph the necklace upstart_crow made, and post the pictures of freyapax's beautiful scarf. I have a bin of shiny things in my office. I'll be sad to see them go!
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