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Blogathon 2008!

Anticipated FAQ
What are y'all doing? Starting at 9 AM EST on July 26, posting every half hour for 24 hours, to raise money for charity. Cool, huh?

What are you, specifically, doing? Writing flash fiction in the persona of a psychometric xenoarchaeologist examining artifacts from the last days of Earth. Every half hour. For 24 hours. To benefit the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.

A what? Alien archaeologist who holds objects and mentally picks up flickers/scenes from said objects' pasts.

Why BARCC? As a rape survivor, this is a cause that's close to my heart. As someone committed to social change, BARCC is a dynamic organization busting their ass to provide a cornucopia of services that I'll be posting more about during the 'thon. It's a great and very necessary place. They do a lot already - more funding means they can do even more!

Cool! How can I sponsor you? Click here to donate to BARCC. Please put "Blogathon" in the dedication field - the BARCC folks want to keep track, and so do I! :) Please forward me your e-mail receipt (shadesong AT

What do I get? The knowledge that you have Done Good. Also,a big .doc file of my storylets and my writers' commentary on same. Quite probably more stuff; people tend to offer incentives. EDIT: Anyone who sponsors me or any member of Team Venture will be entered into a drawing for Fabulous Prizes.

What happens to the objects you're writing about? They get auctioned, with all proceeds going to BARCC! All artifacts will include a story card.

What kind of artifacts? Jewelry. Sculpture. Paintings. Scarves. Hats. Swag from Black Phoenix Trading Post, Wyrding Studios, Parrish Relics, Sihaya Designs, Sorscha Azhure, and many, many more.

Who's blogging with you?
Team Venture: shadesong, slipjig, rafaela, eustaciavye, jennifer, nevacaruso, hypnagogie, mllelaurel, wired_lizard, ewin
Pit Crew (feeding us, keeping us awake, in shifts): yendi, emilytheslayer (second shift), avivasedai (third shift), tigerbright (last 4 hours?),

Need more help? For the pit crew? Hell yes. And for packing and mailing artifacts after the 'thon.

Any other questions?

Running tally:
Direct sponsorships (as of 3pm Saturday): $423
Auctions (as of 3pm Saturday): $1,107.30
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