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Yesterday my legs were like Jello - activity of last week plus lots of standing at Saturday's party. Standing for hours strains different muscles than walking. I'm better enough today to go for a walk after this.

35 artists committed! Remember, I need 48 artifacts. If you haven't yet responded, please do. You have til July 15 to get your item to me. Collaborate with me! For charity! It'll be fun!

I'd like to get a post together today to pin to the top of my LJ - little thing about Blogathon with a FAQ and links to pictures of the artifacts as they come in.

LARPers - halp!
Elayna wants to host a LARP next week. Any ideas for something quick and easy? Anyone wanna help?</a>

I need to go through the stack of stories and poems I've generated over the past six months + November and send things out. Just requires a bit of mental juggling, and I'm less adept at that post-brain-damage. Help would be good, some evening. Basically, I've identified things that are ready, I just need a hand picking markets.

Firebird's Child
Elayna wants to take up firespinning now. *laugh* Anyone got an old spare set of glow-in-the-dark practice poi going unused? Or know where I can get some?

The Future of Writing
Two articles worth reading.

Places You Haunt
It's hard to work up an elevator pitch for this. It's complicated. Tam Lin in Vegas with street punks, is what I usually say, but that's not really it. It's about what happens seven years after Janet's failure to save Tam Lin and her subsequent death. It's about myth. It's about how legends get that way. It's about community and chosen family, and how your past shapes you, sometimes to be just what you need to be.

So yeah. I jump in today, after my walk.

Link Soup, Science Edition
* ...quantum entanglement isn’t completely understood. There are different explanations for it, but they’re hard to test, so it’s hard to know which ones may be right and which may be wrong. The problem is, using photons limits you to line-of-sight: you can separate the two photons, but you have to be able to see both of them to measure this effect. This has been done with baselines of over 100 kilometers, but that’s not far enough to distinguish some of the hypotheses. So some European scientists came up with the idea of using the International Space Station to test this out.

* Why the Brain Follows the Rules: Clues to understanding the human social brain come from a study of punishment's role in fairness.

* The New York Times covers new research which has found significant cross-species variation in the structure of the synapse - the chemical 'connection points' that allow neurons to communicate.

* After 16 years NASA has finally launched GLAST, the Gamma-ray Large Area Telescope, to begin a unique and far-ranging survey of extreme events in our galaxy and beyond.

Walk, PYH, and we'll see which household thing clamors most for my attention after that. Goals for this week include loading this month's WTD on the WTD site, doing up that Blogathon post, and more...
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