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One last thing...

From cbpotts: "my hubby Tim is in the volunteer fire department for our town (Ellenburg Center) Now, we're a BROKE town and the fire department doesn't have a lot of resources -- like basic fire fighting gear and EMS supplies and stuff. The ambulance crew is the first response for medical emergencies up here -- and we're all farmers and whatnot, life's dangerous and our medical unit is understaffed and all volunteer. Nobody gets paid anything. The Ellenburg Center Fire Department is selling cookbooks to raise money for gear: they still don't have enough funding to buy turn out gear for all the guys. Turn out gear is what you wear when you're going into the burning building to save people: it protects you from the fire. It's such a small department, we simply don't have -- and there's not a lot of tax base to draw on here, quite frankly. So if you want to help out a good cause, buy a cookbook. (You'll discover, in this hard back, spiral bound cookbook, recipes for appetizers, soups, salads, veggies, main dishes, desserts and more -- all the best of North Country cooking, delivered fireman style!) Email me at cbpotts (at gmail (dot) com and we'll get you hooked up -- they cost $12.95, and postage is $2 regular mail, $4.60 express."
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