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Not dead yet.

Training 9-5.
Temperature = close to 100 degrees.
The walk yesterday 'bout killed me - so I went to Diesel and got my touch-comfort there, heading home after sunset.

(I'd've felt bad about leaving Miss Kid alone, but she wasn't - Girl Scout activity. I miss her, though.Not like us to not connect daily.)

Training is very intense. One of the morning's trainings led back to some of my childhood stuff. I don't think about the childhood stuff - the upfuckery of those eight years and chunks of what followed are locked away tight. I can think about it. But I trip over it sometimes, when I'm not expecting something to bring it to mind. I expected the child abuse training to do so,but not "supporting male survivors". But of course he was a survivor,too...

I need to write more of the "door" project.

But yes. Is good for me and good for the community. And I am going to bed.
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