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Ten things

I see the "ten anonymous things about ten people on your friendslist" thing go around every so often; I usually don't do it.But I'm in a headspace right now where I have lots of emotion swirling around, some of which I can't talk about because it's Other People's Stuff. And all of this is stuff that applies to several people. So. I go 'splodey out into the universe.

1. I miss you so much sometimes it's like a hole torn from me that I keep probing, touching the ragged edges of where you were for not-long-enough.
2. The curse of the internet = bonding sister-strength with people you may never meet. You're my sister anyway.
3. I so wish I knew you better.
4. You turn me on like whoa.
5. I fangirl you so hard.
6. I'm trying hard not to fall for you.
7. I want to dance with you.
8. I love you so much.
9. I just want to hold you til you Know that it will all turn out all right.
10. I am so happy for you. :)

In other news, it's in the 90s here and my air conditioner is sitting on the floor. I cannot lift it. So I'm relying upon fans and hoping someone mechanically-adept shows up tomorrow evening. Have achieved window A/C. Thanks, bikergeek and feste_sylvain!

Got my inbox back down to 60 messages. Go team me.

Adam being gone makes me sad. Good news from a beloved friend makes me happy.

And... this is a very in-betweeny sort of day. Is no Adam, but is still weekend. Is not time for training yet.
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