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Blogathon 2008: Artifact

Artifacts sent or promised so far include the already-mentioned necklaces and scarf, and cool stuff from such luminaries as Sihaya Designs, Electric Celt, Parrish Relics, Regal Pewter, De La Nuit, and so many more!

If I e-mailed you about this yesterday, it's because I remembered that you make cool stuff. If you do and I didn't, blame my brain damage. If you make cool stuff, I want to write a story about it and auction your cool stuff and my story for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.

"Cool stuff" is vague, yes. That's because the artifacts can be anything found on earth. We have pottery bowls and stained glass, paintings and jewelry, handspun yarn and sculpture. Whatever you make, it would probably work.

22 artists and craftspeople are currently committed. I need 48 artifacts. Come on. Help me make this the most kickass Blogathon ever.

Items should be in my hands by July 15 - give me time to photograph them and get the auctions set up. (48 auctions is a lot of work, especially when you're prepping for a team of at least half a dozen bloggers and their support staff.) If you absolutely cannot get the item to me by then, please get me a picture to use for the auction and commit to sending the item out within three days of the auction's end (projected for July 28).
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