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Happy birthday to jaylake and kizlj!

Happy early birthday to tamidon, ewin, gentleeleos, and scarletjezebel, who advance a year over the weekend!

We continue the cautious optimism. Still headachey and nauseous; the weather's doing me no favors. Will attempt actual exercise today.

Wind Tunnel Dreams: Hey Elizabeth
azhure said there might be a novel in "Hey Elizabeth". I said "Oh crap, not another one." I have to do Places You Haunt first. I could spend a career just writing about the dark magic of Las Vegas, were it not for Shayara. And the dying space station of "Apostate". And Haven, which you'll see more of today. And the steampunk spiritualist thing. And Agent Scott and Galen. And, yes, the jewel-queens' daughters. *headdesk*

But yes. In "Hey Elizabeth" - especially the expanded version that sponsors got and that I'd like to get published for real - I've told the story that Elizabeth needed told. Yesterday was a sweet sort of epilogue to it. And I miss my Hal, and hope he's happy somewhere, even though I know it's unlikely. Gotta have hope. Is there more story to be found? In the discarded personae of Las Vegas? Oh hells yeah. Not yet, though.

This month's Wind Tunnel Dreams will conclude Sunday (I missed a day, so I'll go a day long). $56 so far - thank you, sponsors!

Candle Ritual
Rape/sexual assault survivors' ritual is at 8 PM EST. 6 PM is the deadline to get your request in. I'll be inscribing the candles...probably all day today. Reading your stories.

It's an alchemy thing. Turning pain to peace.

Zombie Meme
You are at the mall when the zombie apocalypse begins. You can have one weapon, one song to soundtrack you, and one person (real or fictional) fighting alongside you. What are they?
* I keep seeing "sword!" and "baseball bat!" pop up on my friendslist. Dudes. You wanna be that close to the zombies? I like playing with knives as much as anyone - well,more than most - but I gotta go for a flamethrower here.
* Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel, "Anything (Viva!)".
* Is it cheating if I use one of my own characters? I don't care. Fenris would kick so much zombie ass.

Link Soup
* "A study by shows that if women who stayed at home to care for their families were financially compensated, they'd be making almost $117,000 a year."
* purplefrog26 is conducting a research project on the experiences of people of size and massage. She also wants responses from massage therapists of any size.
* New Gmail features!
* eXtreme sand castles.

Daily Science
Researchers from the University of Rochester (U.R.) Medical Center say they cured some lab mice suffering from a nervous disorder (that causes tremors, seizures and premature death) with a single shot of human fetal stem cells.

The scientists report today in the journal Cell Stem Cell that the finding could bring them closer to finding a treatment for incurable neurological conditions, such as Pelizaeus-Merzbacher's disease and adrenoleukodystrophy, the mysterious, debilitating disorder portrayed in the 1992 film Lorenzo's Oil.

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Happy Bunny pajama bottoms and white tank top.
Reading: The Ruby Dice by Catherine Asaro and IBS: The First Year by Heather Van Vorous.
Writing: WTD.
Planning: WTD and candle stuff today. Possibly hanging out with taura_g and ariesd this weekend. No real plans.

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